On tonight’s Masterchef, the 11th season took a rural twist as judges Gordon Ramsey, Christina Tosi and Edward Li rode in on farm tractors. The two-hour special started with a team effort to determine who would make the top 10 and continued with a sweet competition as the chefs cooked alongside judge Tosi.

Dan led the blue team while Diamond (I wish I had her name) led red team to cook pork for 101 farmers. Both teams avidly attempted to avoid recruiting Nathan, eventually going to the red team, as they plucked their ingredients fresh from the field. Dan didn’t control his team initially, forcing Gordon Ramsey to step in only 10 minutes into the show, yet this suddenly switched as Diamond’s lack of leadership made her suggest options rather than take the reins and shout orders. The red team’s chipotle pork tenderloin and kale had a lack of kale, Nathan’s responsibility, while the blue team’s spice rubbed pork chop with apple coleslaw had to deal with slightly burned pork chops.

In the end, the blue team took home the win while Andrea insulted Nathan behind his back. Like literally right behind him. The resulting argument was short but intense. Blue team was responsible for deciding who would have to take the challenge, resulting in Nathan being saved.

Diamond, Andrea, Shaun, Eric, and Terry had to make sausage in a bun from scratch. When asked who should leave, Shaun was pestered by David upon being mentioned, leading Shaun to burn his sausages. However, Shaun’s venison sausage with cheese sauce and jalapeno had no mention of burn, it was only a bit grainy to judge Tosi. Eric’s veal and pork New York style sausage were acceptable while Terry’s marinara fennel pork sausage lacked salt but was nearly perfect. Andrea’s pork and veal bratwurst astounded Ramsey, even though she handed her dish in seconds too late. Diamond’s chicken and asiago sausage had a strong visual impact, but was undercooked. In the end, Andrea, presenting her food 3 seconds after the hour deadline, was forced to go home in a tearjerker. Andrea, although not making the top 10, made it clear that she had the skills to make it into the top 5.

As the second hour of the show began, the top ten immediately began cutting down its numbers with a Nutella-themed competition. The contestants had to make 3 dishes all at once including Nutella, something that judge Christina Tosi set an example for with her Nutella cappuccino, frosted donuts. Dan’s Nutella turnovers, bacon rice crisps, and French toast were selected by the judges, as was Tanorria’s Nutella Stuffed French toast and Nutella-covered bacon, and so was Terry’s Nutella French toast, benige, crepe, and truffles. In the end, the winner was Terry, who not only saved himself from elimination, but got to choose what his fellow chefs had to cook.

Terry selected bibimbop, a Korean delicacy involving vegetables and protein on rice with a cooked egg on top. Nathan, although revealing he does not know how to make rice, proceeded to make an African bimibop with an addictive chicken and squash. Brandi’s shrimp and pineapple bibimbop impressed the judges with her crispy rice, even though she couldn’t say the name of the dish to save her life. David’s ratatouille bibimbop looked hella gross to judge Li, and while he applauded himself (as no one else would), Dan’s duck curry bimibop was the bomb. Katie’s Thai bimibop used black forbidden rice and pineapple, which is apparently bad, and Shaun’s vibrant and crispy New York strip bimibop hooked judge Li, proving himself as the best chef of the night. Diamond’s Thanksgiving bimibop was… well, in the paraphrased words of Gordon Ramsey, “you’re a pretty girl, very smart. This dish has to be the ugliest one I have ever seen. This looks horrible… Diamond it looks like puke… ever seen a gravy in a Bimibop? Christina?”

David, Diamond and Katie were the three to be eliminated, but let’s not kid ourselves clearly Diamond went home I mean just look at what he said. Down to the top 9 competitors, Masterchef continues to narrow down who will go home with $250,000 and the Masterchef trophy.

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