It looks like a million bucks really doesn’t go as far as it used to back in the 70’s, or so the title of just announced film remake of celebrated TV-show, The Six Million Dollar Man would have you believe.

Mark Wahlberg Is The Six Million Billion Dollar Man

The team behind the Mark Wahlberg-starring flick have exponentially increased the titular character’s value to Six Billion, upgrading a figure that would have wowed audiences when the show originally aired to match our more financially inflated times.

The screenplay for the film was written by Damian Szifron, who will also take on directing duties, and marks yet another major franchise role for Wahlberg who just recently appeared in hit comedy sequel, Ted 2.

“I’m thrilled to assemble ‘The Six Billion Dollar Man’ for the big screen with the likes of Bob Weinstein and Damián Szifron,” said Wahlberg, speaking to Variety. “We look forward to creating a Steve Austin for the 21st century.”

The original show, which aired on ABC from 1974 to 1978, starred Lee Majors as Steve Austin, an ordinary man who is brought back from near-death by a secret government program as a bionically re-engineered super-human hybrid.

The Wahlberg-starring big-screen reboot is slated for a December 22, 2017 release date.