Since the unveiling of the Star Wars: Episode VII cast on Tuesday, April 28, those involved have been practically radio silent on the highly anticipated film, save for a few tweets from Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher.

Hamill and Fisher, both cast members from the original Star Wars trilogy, have tweeted some behind the scenes thoughts, though both were careful not to give anything away regarding the plot of the film, or what roles the new cast members will be taking on – details of which remain unknown.

Hamill, who will reprise his role as Luke Skywalker in Episode VII, tweeted a short message on Thursday, congratulating the new cast, which includes John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver. Hamill teased fans, writing, “The saga is in superb hands.”

Fisher, otherwise known as Princess Leia, created a bit more of a scandal with her tweets on the film when she accidentally referenced the movie as “Chapter VII” and not “Episode VII.”

After realizing her mistake, Fisher joked about her slip up, writing that “Chapter 7” was the porn title of the film.

In her final tweet on the matter, Fisher promised fans that Episode VII “will change your life, clean your droids & make you breakfast.”

Fisher has continued to be the most outspoken cast member on social media, tweeting out Star Wars jokes in the days leading up to May 4, widely recognized as Star Wars day – "May the Forth Be With You."

Star Wars: Episode VII is still in the early stages of production and the actors have not yet started shooting. It is quite possible that the cast will be banned from revealing anything regarding the film on social media once shooting begins.

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