Mark Consuelos was forced to address comments about his “package” on Thursday, after Kelly Ripa posted throwback photos of her family’s Halloween costumes on Instagram that showed his pants bulging below the belt.

Ripa posted a carousel of 10 photos of her family celebrating Halloween throughout the years, but fans couldn’t stop themselves from commenting on the last picture in the slideshow featuring Consuelos in some very tight pants – and a large bulge.

The Riverdale actor posed beside friend Bruce Bozzi in police uniforms a la CHiPS. While the costumes looked good, commenters focused on one particular part of the picture.

“Those man pants were pretty tight lmao. Love the pics,” wrote one fan.

“Your husband stuffed his pants,” another commenter wrote straight-up.

“OMG, your husband’s basket 😛,” said someone else.

Consuelos defended his body, writing in the comments, “Full disclosure, I believe that’s definitely a shadow that’s causing that bulging effect.”

“Ummmmm baby are you seeing shadows?” Ripa replied, receiving the response, “pretty sure,” from her husband.

The slideshow of pictures also included several shots of the couple’s kids, including the now 19-year-old Lola Conselos, who has been outspoken about the thirst traps her parents post. She told People that she ignores the “thirst traps” of her father, jokingly calling them disgusting, and called her mother’s butt selfies, or “belfies,” “ridiculous.”

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