Singer Marilyn Manson, whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner, has found himself amid an onslaught of sexual abuse lawsuits throughout his career, but his latest legal complications might be even more disturbing: alleged rape of a minor.

In 2021, Games of Thrones actress and burlesque performer Esmé Bianco sued the now 54-year-old Manson for psychological and physical abuse, persisting a stream of accusations from multiple other women who claimed that he had assaulted them. Bianco said that she was left with PTSD and physical scars.


In response to the accusations, Manson took to Instagram, acknowledging that despite his “art and life” having long been “magnets for controversy” in the public eye, all his relationships were consensual.

He condemned the plaintiffs as purposefully misrepresenting the past for unknown reasons and uploaded a copy of his complaint file to his social media, urging his fans to let the facts “speak for themselves.”

Last week, Bianco reached an undisclosed disagreement with Manson — citing a desire to move on and proceed with her career.

But on January 30, an anonymous Jane Doe filed a lawsuit against him for sexual abuse in Long Island, New York’s Nassau Country Supreme Court. His former labels Interscope and Nothing Records are listed as among the defendants.

Now an adult, Doe explained that he forced her into vaginal penetration and other sexual acts when she was 16.

Their first encounter allegedly happened shortly after one of his concerts in Dallas, with Manson inviting her and her other underage friends into his tour bus, she said. He then asked for their phone numbers, school years and home addresses before raping Doe, the lawsuit continued. Left humiliated and emotionally shaken, she said that he threatened to kill her and her family if she were to tell anyone.

The grooming allegedly continued into her adult years, sending her into a spiral of drug and alcohol addiction. Her attempts to break into the music industry were met with nearly daily encounters with Manson — something that two of the companies he worked with at the time were aware of what was happening, she said.

In a press release, Doe’s lawyer, Karen Barth Menzies, said that the impact of the incident extends far beyond the criminal profits that a single individual and his record companies reaped at the expense of another.

Manson’s team fired back, claiming that the accuser has been “shopping” her story to podcasts and tabloids for more than two years. They alleged inconsistencies between her prior interviews with media outlets and the new information brought forward in the complaint.

“Brian Warner does not know this individual and has no recollection of ever having met her 28 years ago,” Manson’s attorney Howard King told USA Today. “But even the most minimal amount of scrutiny reveals the obvious discrepancies in her ever-shifting stories as well as her extensive collusion with other false accusers… Brian will not submit to this shakedown – and the courts won’t fall for it either.”

Jane Doe is currently demanding a trial by jury, calling for unspecified damages for the psychological and physical distress and severe economic loss that she claims Manson had inflicted in their years-long correspondence.

Her lawsuit marks one of over a dozen accusations and one of at least five official civil lawsuits against the rock star for sexual assault.

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