This holiday season, fashion designer Marc Jacobs finds himself the victim of a very unusual crime, the stuff of Hollywood heist films.

Jacobs' entire Spring / Summer 2012 fashion line, consisting of 46 looks not yet available in stores, was stolen on its way from Paris to London, where it was to be debuted for the press, reports The New York Times. Scotland Yard confirmed that the theft was under investigation. They were looking for "a quantity of clothing, bags and shoes" with a value that is reportedly around $65,000.

However, there seem to be duplicates of some of the items, said one unnamed source, "The collection as shown in New York is safe, and the red carpets won't be missing Marc Jacobs this season."

Even so, the Jacobs team is offering a reward for the rescue of the stolen items, while managing to remain tongue-in-cheek about the whole thing. "See any chic truck drivers cruising around Europe dressed in #SS12 Collection? Get a pic & call 212-343-0222," the team tweeted. Also making light of the situation, they want to remind their customers that "issues w/ shipping OUR #SS12 Collection hasn't stopped us from offering YOU free shipping frm MJ dot com."

Now that's service.

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