If you're a Lakers fan, what could be better than attending a courtside game with gorgeous star of the big screen, Charlize Theron? Apparently not $20,000.

One lucky fan dished out the big bucks at Theron's annual Africa Outreach Project Benefit, which she hosted Monday night at the Darby restaurant in New York. Originally, only the two tickets were being auctioned off, until the Oscar-winning actress threw herself in as a bonus to up the ante. Once she volunteered, "the bets got larger and larger," a source told PopEater. "What guy wouldn't want to be sitting courtside next to Charlize?" And it's all for a good cause, of course. Proceeds will go to helping children in Africa who are struggling with HIV / AIDS and other diseases.

Also in attendance at the benefit were stars Jon Hamm, Liv Tyler, and Russell Simmons. Rapper Mos Def performed. —KIMBERLY STEELE

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