Man of Steel, the latest Superman reboot starring Henry Cavill as the heroic lead, hits theaters on Friday. Uinterview has collected the spoilers for the summer blockbuster — read on at your own peril!

Directed by Zach Snyder, Man of Steel promises to deliver a more introspective version of the Superman narrative – and darker. “Let’s face it, Superman is on the edge of cheesy,” Snyder told The Globe and Mail. “My kids watched the Donner version and thought it was a joke, they didn’t care.”

“It used to be okay to have him saving a cat from a tree,” Snyder added. “Now it’s like, wait – if you take Superman all the way, shouldn’t he just collect all the world leaders and say, ‘I want peace, so if you wage war, I’ll find you and kill you’?”


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Clark Kent / Superman would obviously need motivation to take more violent and decisive action. Perhaps that’s why the film features the early deaths of people close to him. Both his adoptive father Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) and his biological father Jor-El (Russell Crowe) meet their ends in Man of Steel – the former in a tornado and the latter at the hands of General Zod (Michael Shannon). These losses, no doubt, play into the film’s biggest shocker…

Superman snaps General Zod’s neck and kills him!

A lesser spoiler for the film involves the love interest of Clark Kent/ Superman – the dutiful reporter Lois Lane (Amy Adams). In Man of Steel, Louis finds out her crush is Superman early on. The plot choice allows the character to break away from the perception that she’s essentially helpless. “I think the vision for Lois was always for her to be more proactive,” Man of Steel producer Deborah Snyder revealed to Crave Online. “On the surface in the past she’s been this hard-hitting reporter but she’s still always being rescued, and also we wanted her to be smart and you wanted to see that she was smart and proactive.”

Man of Steel, which made its world premiere in New York City on Monday, is set for wide release on Friday, June 14.

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