The famous limestone arch known as the Azure Window, or Tieqa tad-Dwejra as it’s know in it’s native Malta, collapses into the sea.


The natural landmark crashed into the water below during a strong storm on Wednesday morning. “There was a big raging sea beneath the window,” said witness Roger Chessell. “Suddenly, the arch collapsed into the sea with a loud ‘whoomph,’ throwing up a huge spray. By the time the spray had faded, the stack had gone too.”

The Azure Window jutted off one of the three Matlese islands that form an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. It was featured in the series of premiere of Game of Thrones, during the violent wedding of Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen. In addition, the site was featured in Clash of the Titans, NBC’s The Odyssey, and the 2002 version of The Count of Monte Cristo.

“I have just been informed that the beautiful Tieqa tad-Dwejra in Gozo has collapsed,” wrote Malta Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on Twitter. “Reports commissioned over the years indicated that this landmark would be hard hit by unavoidable natural corrosion. That sad day arrived.”

Malta is currently developing an international initiative for environmental protection as a result of the Azure Window’s collapse.