Keith Wilson decided to tryout to be the first male dancer on an NBA dance squad, competing against dozens of female dancers to make the Miami Heat’s team.

Keith Wilson Miami Heat Dance Squad Tryout

Wilson went to the the Miami Heat dance squad’s open auditions on Aug. 2 with the hope of making it through to the boot camp portion of the tryouts. For the first round of the competition, Wilson and the rest of the hopefuls had to freestyle to Beyoncé‘s “Run the World (Girls)” – and he stole the show.

“It was very simple and easy for me to catch the beat, catch the move, and just milk it for what it was,” Wilson told BuzzFeed.

Despite being an obvious standout with his dancing skills and making it through to the third round of the competition, Wilson didn’t make the cut to go to boot camp. Wilson, who tried out in 2012 as well, believes that his gender likely had something to do with the decision but remains optimistic for the future.

“I do believe it was because of my gender, and that the Heat is not ready for a guy right now,” he told BuzzFeed. “In due time they’ll be open to it, though.”

As for whether or not similarly skilled guys should follow his lead in trying out for the NBA dance teams, Wilson gives his full support.

“Go for it!” he said. “Even if you get cut, it only takes one ‘Yes’ to make all the difference.”

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