Miami-based producer and hip-hop mastermind DJ Khaled returns with a ninth studio album titled Major Key. The star-studded record features some of the biggest names in hip-hop, R&B and pop music today and is an excellent addition solidifying DJ Khaled’s hit-making status.

‘Major Key’ by DJ Khaled Album Review

The job Khaled does on his latest album has more to do with curating the sounds rather than doing any noteworthy rapping or production solely on his own. To compensate, however, he has some of the biggest names in the business appear on Major Key from Jay Z, Future and Wiz Khalifa to Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne and others.

“I Got The Keys” has Jay Z and Future team up for the fast-paced opener immediately followed by another seriously banging track – “For Free” featuring Drake. Another high-profile collaboration is the one between Kendrick Lamar and Big Sean on “Holy Key.” Both rappers deliver their verses impeccably, while Betty Wright provides an explosive soulful twist on the chorus. Apart from his ability to craft a smashing anthem hit, DJ Khaled shows that he is trying to stay relevant at a time when hip-hop is more preoccupied with politics and the strife for equality more than ever.

Towards the close of the album “Forgive Me Father” provides a refreshingly melodic interlude. Directly inspired by Wiz Khalifa’s emotional hit “See You Again,” Khalifa is a prominent part of this track too, but most surprising is the appearance by Meghan Trainor who shines on the melancholic chorus and even surpasses her co-stars Khalifa and Wale.

The wonderful thing about Major Key is that each track is indeed hit material. Unfortunately, it’s what also makes the album overwhelming at times. Rarely does an artist deliver such an outstanding cast of collaborators on the same album, and here DJ Khaled has certainly surpassed himself. However, this ambitious endeavor overshadows the experience of listening to an album from start to finish. Then again perhaps Major Key is not meant to be experienced in its entirety but instead Khaled opts for a collection of hits that can each stand on its own. And by giving the room for his collaborators to explore and grow, DJ Khaled has crafted a powerful record that lives up to the expectations and exceeds them.

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