The Queen of Pop herself performed during the final hours of Pride Month, and she did not disappoint.

Madonna only recently had been confirmed as the headlining act for the second and final night of Pride Island, which is New York’s weekend-long music festival that coincided with the last weekend of Pride Month.

The pop star made her appearance on stage with a black trench coat and eyepatch, which had a rainbow ‘X’ on it to represent her new album, Madame X. Identically dressed dancers appeared along with her to Vogue, her 1990 smash which was inspired by Harlem’s ballroom scene.

She then went straight into a political performance with her controversial 2003 song American Life. At the time of its release, the song sparked controversy for its explicitly anti-war message.


For her next performance, she sang God Control, a 1970s style dance track which had audiences divided from with a gun control theme and violent music video.

Madonna then took a moment to thank the L.G.B.T.Q community.

“Fifty years, people,” she said to the audience. “Fifty years of freedom fighting. Fifty years of putting up with discrimination, hatred and intemperance. Fifty years of blood, sweat, and tears. Fifty years of not bowing down to fear. We have been on this journey together, and I am so proud and honored to share this historical evening with you.”

“Since I came to New York as a wee little girl, I have always been embraced by queer nation,” the singer continued. “I always felt like an outsider, but you made me feel like an insider. You must know how much I love and appreciate everyone here tonight. All members of the LGBTQ community. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Madonna then concluded her performance with a ballad from Madame X, I Rise. 

As Madonna and her dancers made their way off stage, a display of fireworks appeared.

Other stars were among the crowd such as designer Donatella Versace and Frankie Grande, who only had positive words to say.