Country singer Luke Combs has covered the funeral expenses of three fans who saw him perform at Faster Horses, a camping and music festival in Michigan before they died of accidental carbon monoxide exposure at a nearby campground.


“For him to reach out and do that, I don’t even have the words. I wish I could just give him a hug,” victim Kole Sova’s mother, Meeka Sova, told a local Michigan site.

The three young men identified as Dawson Brown, 20; Kole Sova, 19; and Richie Mays Jr., 20, were found dead inside their trailer on Saturday.

Authorities believe that the men were most likely poisoned by carbon monoxide from a portable generator that was too close to their trailer, which was believed to have been leaking. Two additional young men survived the carbon monoxide emissions in the trailer and were hospitalized in critical condition.

“It’s just a freak accident,” Sova’s father, Jerry Sova, said. “For all those decisions to line up to get to this tragedy it just boggles your mind – of the thousands of generators and campers, they were the ones that it hit.”

On Monday, the Faster Horses official Twitter page released a statement about the incident:

“All of us in the Faster Horses Festival Family are deeply saddened by the tragic losses this weekend, as confirmed by the Lenawee County Sheriff’s department. Our hearts are broken for the families, friends and loved ones.”

A representative for Combs has confirmed the reports about the singer’s donations to the victims and said he is making no further comments.

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