Luis Fonsi‘s summer smash hit “Despacito” has been banned from playing on Malaysian state radio and television stations because of its sexually charged lyrics. While private broadcasters may continue to broadcast the song, they have been “encouraged” not to. The song is also still accessible through streaming services and websites like YouTube.

The ban on the song was enacted by Malaysia’s Ministry of Communications.

“‘Despacito’ will not be aired by the government-owned broadcast stations because we received public complaints,” Malaysia’s communications minister Salleh Said Keruak told AFP. “The lyrics are not suitable to be heard.”

Other government officials have advocated in the banning of the song in recent months. Atriza Umar, chairwoman of the Parti Amanah Negara political party, described the music as “porn” and warned that the song would harm Malaysian society, according to the BBC.

Fonsi’s song recently became most streamed song of all time after reaching 4.6 billion plays. While the song featuring Daddy Yankee – both artists are Puerto Rican – was first released in January, a more recent remix, featuring Justin Bieber, bolstered the song’s staying power.

After learning of the record his song broke, Fonsi said, “I just want to make people dance… and for a song to bring people and cultures together, that’s what makes me proud,” according to the BBC.

The word ‘despacito,’ when translated from Spanish, means ‘slowly’ in English, and is a reference to the song’s narrator’s seduction style.

When the entire song is translated into English, it is more clear that some of its lyrics are highly suggestible.

“Let me trespass your danger zones / Until I make you scream / And forget your last name,” Fonsi sings during the song’s hook.

“Come try my mouth and see if you like its taste / I want to see how much love fits in you,” Daddy Yankee sings during on the verses.

Malaysia has a very small population of Spanish speakers although a decent amount of the population speaks English.


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