Lucy Liu surprised fans on Thursday when she introduced her newborn son, Rockwell Lloyd Liu, on Twitter and Instagram.

Lucy Liu Is A Mom, Introduces Son Rockwell Lloyd Liu

Liu, who currently stars on CBS’ Elementary, announced the birth of her first son on social media, writing, “Introducing the new little man in my life, my son Rockwell Lloyd Liu. In [love].”

Liu’s rep later confirmed the news and revealed that the baby had been born via surrogate. “Lucy Liu is the proud mother of Rockwell Lloyd Liu, brought into the world via gestational carrier. Mom and baby are healthy and happy,” said the rep.

Liu, 46, is a first-time mom, and kept her impending motherhood a secret until Rockwell’s arrival. No other details on her son were revealed, including the identity of his father and his birthday.

The Charlie’s Angels actress had a very exciting day on Thursday. Not only did she announce that she was a mother, but she also directed Thursday night’s episode of USA’s Graceland — her first television-directing gig outside Elementary.

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