Parisian authorities are currently investigating a rape complaint against the famous French filmmaker, Luc Besson.

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A judicial official stated that a 27-year-old woman filed a complaint on Friday that the director put something in her tea that made her fall unconscious. She also accused him of both touching and penetrating her without consent while at the Hotel Bristol in Paris. The accuser has apparently known the director for years.

Since the filing, Besson has denied the accusation. Thierry Marembert, Besson’s lawyer, said that, “Luc Besson categorically denies these fantasist accusations. [The accuser] is someone he knows, toward whom he has never behaved inappropriately.”

Upon hearing the news, Besson “fell off his chair when he learned of these accusations,” Marembert told The Hollywood Reporter. He is currently out of the country and has not been questioned about the allegations.

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Besson is currently married to French producer Virginie Besson-Silla since 2004. The couple have three children. This is not Besson’s first marriage, as he has had three wives before Besson-Silla. He also has two more children from his previous marriages.

The director is currently one of the most celebrated filmmakers in France, as he has ten César nominations. He also is known for his high-profile movies such as  La Femme Nikita and Léon: The Professional. His most recent film was Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, despite it being a flop in the United States, it was a huge success in France as well as globally. It is currently the most expensive French movie to ever be made.

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