Fans of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta already know that star Karlie Redd does not like to talk about her age. So, as stands to reason, Redd's frenemies were having trouble talking about anything else on part one of the reunion episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta that aired Monday night.

Redd's costar and singer K. Michelle, latched onto the topic of Redd's age and the daughter that she keeps out of the public eye, some say because the teenager's advanced years (allegedly 18) would betray the youthful image her mom has struggled to cultivate. Redd, however, insists that she's been careful to keep her daughter out of the public eye to protect her fro the fame / infamy that comes with the reality show lifestyle, reports the Examiner.

Michelle wasn't ready to let it go, however, continuing to throw "old" innuendo Redd's way. "We all know Karlie Redd gets to shouting out stuff because she don't want the truth to be told. The truth of the situation is she marched with Martin Luther King in 1968."

Michelle proceeded to point out that Redd's "neck is wrinkled" from her advanced years. "I'm tired of these old a–, Harriet Tubman b–ches," Michelle said, reports Hollywood Life.

Redd's response to the attacks? "I'm beautiful, I'm young, I'm talented. I'll never tell my age."

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