Matthew Fox's reputation has suffered some serious blows since his heyday as good guys Jack Shepherd on Lost and Charlie Salinger on Party of Five. And now former Lost costar Dominic Monaghan, who played the doomed Charlie Pace on the J.J. Abrams' series, is making further damaging claims about Fox via Twitter.

Monaghan, 35, was doing a Twitter Q&A with his followers on Sunday, when the subject of Fox, 45, came up. One fan with the handle of @omggbeccaa, tweeted, "holla at matthew fox and tell him to get on twitter i beg of you."

Monaghan cut right to the chase. "He beats women. No thanks," he tweeted in response. The comment could have been referring to an incident last year when Fox was accused of physically assaulting a female party-bus driver in Cleveland while also allegedly intoxicated. The woman sued him, and Fox responded with a countersuit for defamation.

When Monaghan's "fan" persisted in defending Fox, tweeting, "WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE GOOD TIMES YOU HAD TOGETHER?" Monaghan replied, "How do you know we ever did? You don't know either of us. he beats women. not isolated incidents. often. not interested."

Fox was recently arrested for DUI near his home in Oregon.

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