They're baaaack …. Political pundits Bill O’Reilly, 63, and Jon Stewart, 49, will go head-to-head in The Rumble, a live streaming pay-per-view debate between the longtime rivals, which viewers will be able to watch for $4.95 at the event’s website on October 6 at 9 p.m.

Stewart and O’Reilly have been known for their contentious relationship. On Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Stewart frequently mocks Fox News, which broadcasts The O’Reilly Factor, and neither O’Reilly nor Stewart have been shy about criticizing each other openly, even in person.

Stewart’s appearances on The O’Reilly Factor have made for some lively fare. Back in 2004, O’Reilly attacked The Daily Show for not recognizing its political influence, and more recently the two debated the controversy surrounding Common's visit to the White House shortly after traveling to Cuba to visit Joanne Chesimard, who was convicted of killing a New Jersey state trooper in 1973.

However, O'Reilly and Stewart have shown that they are willing to hear each other out, and while the debates have the tendency to become heated, they never get out of hand, which perhaps explains why both parties agreed to The Rumble.

The event, while focused on political matters, is clearly aware of the inherent entertainment and humor involved. A promo for the debate advertises it as “The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium” and jokes, “This is why Al Gore invented the Internet.”

Watch here for the promo, as well as individual messages from Stewart and O’Reilly.

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