Kelly Osbourne, 27, is all over London Fashion Week like kids on candy, which is not particularly surprising as she is the host of Fashion Police alongside Joan Rivers and Giuliana Rancic, which discusses celebrity fashion. What is shocking is the peculiar sense of style she's been flaunting across town, perhaps exaggerated for the festivities. Among some of her most questionable fashion choices are lavender hair and red zombie-like eyeshadow — although the look that has garnered most attention is an upside-down ice cream cone style bun, which she wore during an appearance on Lorraine Kelly's This Morning on Monday. "It’s my Teletubby look, I love it. I’ve gotten a lot of flak for it but I was like, 'If it bugs you that much, I’m going to keep doing it!' " Osbourne said. "That is why I love London Fashion Week, because people don’t care. You can be whoever you want to be. And it takes a lot of confidence."

Osbourne, who notoriously lost 50 pounds in 2010, also dished about staying in shape. "I’ve learnt how to eat right and learnt how to work out. Unfortunately, that is the only way," Osbourne revealed. "There is no quick fix. I wish there was, but you have got to work out and you have got to eat right."

But Osbourne has also been having her fair share of fun in London, chumming with other celebrities at the fancy Serpentine Gallery — where she and boyfriend Matthew Mosshart hung out with Kate Moss, Liberty Ross and Harry Styles of One Direction at the Future Contemporaries soiree — and attending Fashion Week shows religiously. “I went to see Henry Holland and it was amazing," Osbourne told Kelly. "I got off the plane the day before and slept all day long. I had no idea how I was going to make it there on time because I was so jetlagged and I did half of my make-up, put my sunglasses on and got zipped up into my dress and got there five minutes before it started," Osbourne confessed.

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Watch Kelly Osbourne give a few fashion tips backstage on Fashion Police:

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