Kelly Ripa parodied Miley Cyrus on the Live With Kelly And Michael! Halloween Special, dressing up and twerking like the singer with cohost Michael Strahan dressed like Robin Thicke. The two dressed up in numerous costumes and featured several guests on the show, including Robert De Niro, Ian Somerhalder and Cher.

After the show, Ripa tweeted out a photo of the foam finger she used in her performance.

In addition to twerking like Cyrus, Ripa also parodied the singer's "Wrecking Ball" music video, joking about how many Hannah Montana dolls she had to sell to get the wrecking ball for the video.

Ripa and Strahan changed into dozens of costumes and performed numerous parodies, dressing as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Jesse Pinkman and Walter White from Breaking Bad, and Gemma Telller Morrow and Jax Teller from Sons Of Anarchy. On her home, Ripa also dressed as Kate Middleton, the fox from Ylvis' "What Does The Fox Say" music video, and Michael dressed as George Clooney's character from Gravity.

Ripa and Strahan also had numerous guests on the show dress up, including Jenny McCarthy as Cyrus' tongue. Ripa parodied the Sharknado movie by creating a fake trailer for Sharknado Too with guests De Niro, Cher, Robin Williams, Ian Ziering, Julianne Hough, Somerhalder, Jerry O'Connell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ripa as Tara Reid, and Strahan as Samuel L. Jackson.