Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid, Elaine Hendrix, director Nancy Meyers and other stars came together virtually for a reunion of The Parent Trap. 

It has been 22 years since the movie was released in 1998, and the cast celebrated the anniversary with a virtual reunion moderated by Katie Couric. The video of the cast together again was released on Couric’s Instagram page on Monday and the reunion helped raise money for chef José Andrés’ non-profit organization, World Central Kitchen.

Couric’s post included glimpses at some of the early screen tests for the movie, and later, the actors remembered their late costar, Natasha Richardson.

Quaid was the first to speak about his experience filming the movie. He said, “I had such a blast doing this movie. The first thing I remember was meeting Lindsay … and I remember thinking ‘Oh my gosh, that’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met and you were only what, 11 years old!’”

When the cast was asked about their favorite scenes, Lohan said, “a lot of people love the dad scene in the car, in the Range Rover.” She and Quaid then went into a reading of the scene.

Later in the video, Quaid said, “This movie just had some sort of stardust that was just sprinkled on it.” The cast members all agreed the movie was “spectacular,” “beautiful” and “timeless.”

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