Lindsay Lohan recently emerged from a 90-day stint in a rehab facility after her run-ins with the law came to a head in the spring. Sitting down with Oprah Winfrey, Lohan opened up about all-things related to her downward spiral and how she intends to mend the bridges she’s broken in the industry.

Lohan, 27, appeared to be resigned to candor in her chat with Winfrey. When the esteemed interviewer asked Lindsay point blank if she was an addict, she answered, “Yeah,” and revealed that alcohol was her drug of choice. “That, in the past, was a gateway to other things for me… I tried cocaine with alcohol.” The cocaine usage, says Lohan, was a byproduct of the party culture and a way for her to drink even more on her nights out.

Another thing Lohan admitts an addiction to is chaos, something that developed from a chaotic childhood. "It was a comfortable chaos for me,” she told Winfrey. “So what was chaotic for some people from the outside looking in was normal.” But the Mean Girls actress refused to throw her oft-quoted parents under the bus for how she turned out. “They’re just parents at the end of the day,” she said. “I don’t blame anyone for my mistakes.”


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Oprah to Lindsay Lohan: "Are You an Addict?"

After two DUIs, six arrests, seven car accidents, 14 days in jail and six trips to rehab, actress Lindsay Lohan comes clean about her battle with alcohol addiction. Watch as Lindsay also sets the record straight about her cocaine use. Plus, does Lindsay think she's addicted to chaos? Find out now.

Lohan believes that her latest stay in rehab, her sixth, was different for her than the ones that preceeded it. “I wasn't fighting at all,” she explained. “I just let go and was able to just be like 'OK you probably do know what's best,' because my idea of doing what's best for me has not worked in the past. I came into it just really willing, really craving more spirituality. Really open and ready to get really honest." In the past, the actress says, she wasn’t willing to be as truthful with herself and accept the help that was being offered.

Now that she’s in what she calls “a different headspace,” Lohan is ready to get her career back on track. "[I'm ready] to get the thing that has made me happiest my whole life back, which is to work really hard, stay focused and prove myself," she told Winfrey. "I have to regain trust in people, in my career, that had doubts, and I fully respect that on their behalf. As long as I stay honest in myself and do the work I'm willing to do and have been willing to do and am doing, then nothing can stand in my way. I am my own worst enemy, and I know that."

Lohan is currently rumored to be favored for a part in Ben Affleck’s latest project – an adaptation of Dennis Lehane crime noir novel Live by Night. Lohan would likely take on the role of Emma, a tough but loving waitress who courts the story’s two male leads.

– Chelsea Regan

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