Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda thought he just had a migraine, but it actually turned out to be shingles.

Miranda took to Twitter to share his shingles experience with his followers. He first tweeted to his fans about how he was having “the worst migraine of [his] life.”


However, the next morning, matters took a turn for the worse and he found out that his headache was actually a case of shingles. Thankfully he caught it early and that means that he must be quarantined away from his 8-week old baby Francisco Miranda.

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Miranda is not letting this stop him from having fun, he joking decided to wear a Phantom of the Opera styled mask to help with his “treatment.”


Since being diagnosed, Miranda has fully embraced the mask and his role as “The Phantom” until he recovers.


Unfortunately, people thought Miranda was serious about having to wear a mask for the shingles, but he clarified that he does not actually to wear a mask for health purposes.


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Some fans were actually concerned with Miranda’s recovery and were trying to get him off of Twitter to rest his eyes. Luckily he complied and decided to rest up until he was better.


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