Lil Nas X loves to draw attention to himself. He did just that with new photos in which he showed off his six-pack and outline of his bulge in underwear in a now-deleted Instagram story.

Lil Nas X is known for his hit song “Old Time Road,” which led him to fame in 2019. He also made a version featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, who remained in Billboard’s top 100 for 19 weeks.

In the new photo, the singer stood with his robe open in a mirror selfie, exposing his chest and tight Nike briefs, highlighting a very explicit bulge.


He directed his eyes at the mirror, giving a sexy glare to his 12 million surprised followers.

The young star quickly deleted the post, but many were lucky enough to catch it before it was gone. He also shared some clips about his new project earlier that day.

The 23-year-old also posted a picture of him covered in blue paint as he flexed his chest at the camera in another mirror selfie. He pulled off this new look with blue jeans and braided hair.

Last month, the rapper was seen shooting a Vitaminwater commercial wearing four different outfits.

He was seen walking around the set with an orange wig and metallic blue top, a blonde wig with an entirely white look, an all-gold metallic getup with a wig and chains, and a natural look with his afro and turquoise vest.

Lil Nas X recently shared with his followers that his next album is “gonna be my best era yet.”

The singer is known for going above and beyond with his albums and music videos. For his last album Montero, he announced the album by posting videos of himself with a “pregnant” belly as he announced his “baby” was on the way.

He did a Twitter Q&A in which he said that his new album would likely be released in the summer.

The singer was just named in $1 million lawsuit with DJ Zedd over a mansion party in April 2022. The home’s landlord stated that they had left substantial damage to the property.

The owner, Daniel Fitzgerald, claimed in the lawsuit that the party’s promoters, Lil Nas X and DJ Zedd, knew that they were not allowed have a party on the property. They violated their contract by holding a 1,000 person event.

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