Lil Durk was injured last Saturday after a stage pyrotechnic blasted in his face. While he was able to finish the performance, the rapper later showed in an Instagram photo that his eye had to get treated in the hospital.

Lil Durk Lollapalooza Injury

Lil Durk plans to “take a break & focus on my health” after the shocking accident. The moment was captured in a video by a fan, where he steps in front of a blast timed to the beat of his song. Durk staggers backward in response to the blast and is seen leaning over dabbing at his eyes with his shirt.

The rapper certainly could have lost an eye or some of his vision if a projectile from the explosion had hit him in the wrong place, so hopefully, he will be able to make a full recovery from these injuries.

He will be taking a break from all performing and recording while he continues to get well. Durk most recently his album 7220 on March 11 to positive reviews, so get back into that record if you’re upset about this current hiatus.


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While concerts are obviously great fun, they are highly unpredictable and injuries certainly occur often for both audience members and the artists themselves. Lady Gaga once sustained a concussion at a New Zealand concert in 2012 after being struck by a metal prop held by a dancer and ended up finishing the show.

Enrique Iglesias also played through an injury when he grabbed a camera drone at a 2015 show in Mexico, severely slicing up his fingers and fracturing his hand. Images of the concert showed Iglesias finishing the show with a bloody t-shirt wrapped around his hand and his clothes alarmingly stained in blood.

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