Lee Daniels, the co-creator of hit series Empire and director of The Butler, delivered one of the many rousing speeches during Day 3 of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Lee Daniels At The DNC

When Daniels took to the stage at the DNC, he admitted that he wasn’t sure at first that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was a politician who knew his life, knew his struggle, and if she would commit to working on the issues that matter deeply to him, his family and to all Americans.

“I’m here because the next President of the United States invited me,” Daniels said. “I was a little scared at first. I wondered if Hillary really knew who I was. Not just the work I do in entertainment but who I really am…. This is the most important election of our lifetime.”

In the end, Daniels came to the conclusion that Clinton was worthy of his endorsement.

“It hit me like a brick, Hillary knows me, she knows me,” Daniels said. “And that’s what gave me the courage to come and speak in front of you all tonight. Hillary has stood with families of people who have died due to gun violence. She’s helped turn their heartache into action. I wish she was around for me when my Dad died. Hillary understands our right to bare guns but wants to stop guns from getting into the wrong hands.”

Among the other famous faces who took to the podium during the third day of the DNC were Sigourney Weaver, Star Jones, Robert Rodriguez, Lenny Kravitz and Angela Bassett.

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