The Late Show with Stephen Colbert welcomed back Daily Show alums Jon StewartSamantha Bee and John Oliver for a reunion episode.


Also included were former correspondents Ed Helms and Rob Corddry. The show opened with Stewart fixing a sandwich for new Daily Show host Trevor Noah. Colbert follows up bringing the host a Coke and bickering with Stewart. “I don’t have time for this, I’ve got a show to do,” says Noah. “So do I,” adds Colbert. And then Stewart looks around sheepishly, before the opening credits roll.

The real show then opens and Colbert announces that his show would act as a reunion show for his former Daily Show colleagues. “We were just talking backstage, none of us have aged a day,” he joked before jumping into a flashback of his last day at the comedy show in 2005.

The gang all shows up and talk candidly about the future and what they may or may not accomplish. First Bee enters and says how great it is having George W. Bush as president as a comedy writer. “This guy does something ridiculous like at least once a month,” she jests, poking fun at Donald Trump without even having to say his name.

The rest of the crew walks in and mock their future selves, with Helms saying he’d be successful for a movie franchise about a hangover and Oliver saying no one would ever tune into a 30-minute show about politics on a Sunday night. They end the bit by doing their “usual pre-show prayer:” an all-hands-in cheer of “Go, liberal agenda!”

Following that bit, the show returned to its usual interview talk show format, and Stewart came out to talk with his old pal Colbert. They talked about Trump’s recent move of firing FBI director James Comey, as well as Bill O’Reilly‘s ouster at Fox News.

Finally, all the alums made their way on stage for a group discussion, and took the time to thank Stewart for jumpstarting all of their careers. “This was what it was like to hang out backstage for years at the Daily Show,” said Colbert. “It was the greatest experience.”

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