President Donald Trump has claimed he’d restore the United States’ international reputation, complaining in speeches that “the world is laughing at us.” On Tuesday, it finally happened.

Trump boasted to the United Nations General Assembly that his administration “has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country.” World leaders around the room laughed at him, causing the rattled president to admit, “I did not expect that reaction, but that’s O.K.”


Late-night TV jumped on the 20-second clip.

“Don’t worry Mr.President,” Stephen Colbert said on CBS’ The Late Night Show. “They’re not laughing at you. They’re laughing with each other at you.”

NBC’s Seth Meyers said “Technically, they were still laughing from when he said, ‘Hello I’m the president of the United States’.”

Jimmy Fallon, on NBC’s Tonight Show, joked with various smartphone filters applied to Trump’s face. He got less laughs than the president at the U.N. but got in one good punchline. “Trump hasn’t heard that much laughter since his night with Stormy Daniels.”

Jimmy Kimmel of ABC and Conan O’Brien from TBS got in shots too. Kimmel said Trump was like “your alcoholic uncle” who “grabs the microphone at your wedding.” O’Brien said “Trump was furious, because for a few seconds he accidentally made some foreigners happy.”

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