With Jimmy Fallon being the latest late night host to take the heat from President Donald Trump, he got some support from fellow talk show hosts Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brien.

On Tuesday, the three of them joined forces for a multi-network sketch that was used on both the Tonight Show on NBC and Late Show on CBS at the same time.

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The bit starts with Colbert at his computer working on his monologue and gets a video call from Fallon, who greets him as “Lowlife,” a name Trump uses to describe him often. Colbert in return calls Fallon a “lost soul.”

Fallon then admits that he’s been spending his time “mostly whimpering,” Colbert sharply replies telling him to “be a man,” in reference to Trump’s tweet aimed towards Fallon.

Fallon then tells Colbert that the president has been calling them “no talent, lowlife lost souls”. Colbert says that he’s got it mistaken with O’Brien, who then joins the two on the video chat.

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O’Brien jokes that he did not even realize that the “real estate agent who sells steaks” became president, but thinks that they should all be respectful and to “give him time.” “Remember, be civil!” O’Brien insists. “If we’re not careful, this thing could start to get ugly.”

O’Brien then leaves the chat, as he is too busy shaving his chest hair. However, Fallon asks Colbert if they are still on for having lunch together and they both agree to going to the Red Hen, the restaurant that recently was on the news for refusing to serve Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The night before, Trump attended a campaign rally in West Columbia, S.C. for his administration’s newest campaign. While speaking, he could not help but bring up his disapproval of Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel, both who have been actively against Trump’s presidency. However, for the first time Fallon was mention, following after him donating money in the president’s name to RAICES, a non-profit that helps victims of the new border policy.


Watch the full cold open below.

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