Relationship milestones are changing. First, there’s talking with someone, where nothing is set in stone or official. Then there’s seeing someone on the down low where things might get exclusive. The next milestone is soft launching the possible partner with a picture of the “friend” on social media. Then there’s the big step with Instagram official where you make it clear things are getting serious in the relationship, and Larsa Pippen did just that.

The Real Housewives of Miami star Larsa Pippen, 48, posted a picture to her Instagram of her in 32-year-old Marcus Jordan‘s arms in front of a flower mural of Michael Jordan‘s jersey.

“Checks over stripes,” Pippen captioned the post.

“That’s what I like, that’s what we like!” Jordan commented before putting the post on his Instastory.

Some fans have been left wondering if there was a deeper meaning to the couple posing in front of Michael Jordan’s jersey. Could it be a dig at Pippen’s ex, Scottie Pippen?

Once Michael’s Chicago Bulls teammate, Scottie felt used after the 2020 ESPN documentary The Last Dance downplayed his and other teammate’s contributions and instead focused on the team effort.

Pippen and Scottie have four children together from their 20 years of marriage, Scottie Jr., 22; Preston, 20; Justin, 17; and Sophia, 14. Marcus is 16 years Pippen’s junior, while only 10 years Scottie Jr.’s senior.

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