Lance Bass acknowledged on the Meredith Vieira Show that he and others members of ‘N Sync experienced sexual harassment in their teens.

Lance Bass On Sexual Harassment

On Wednesday, Meredith Vieira had her panel discuss Ashley Judd‘s essay about a studio mogul sexually harassing her during her Kiss the Girls days. When it was Bass’s turn to weigh in, he mentioned that males are also subjected to inappropriate sexual situations in show business.

“It happens to men too. It’s a two-way street,” Bass said during the “What’s Hot Now” segment of the show. “It had happened to me when I was 16 or 17-years-old. When [‘N Sync] started, there was someone that we worked with that was inappropriately touching us.”

“I wasn’t even aware then, at 16, that this guy was a pedophile and he was touching me,” Bass, now 36, added. “Oddly, I didn’t feel victimized at the time because I was very aware of it but it happened to us too.”

Fellow panelist Megan Colarossi asked Bass if it was something that he had ever reported to anyone. The former boy band singer admitted that he didn’t, but that it was something discussed among the other singers.

“No. I mean with the guys we would talk about it. We would kind of joke about it, but it’s not a joking thing,” Bass said. “But as a kid, it was just odd,” he confessed. “I am glad that we were aware of it and we didn’t feel victimized at the time.”

After Yamaneika Saunders revealed a case of someone sleeping their way to the top, Lilliana Vazquez pointed out the importance of talking about such matters. “If we don’t speak out, it’s never going to stop,” Vazquez said.

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