Lana Del Rey sparked backlash on Saturday after she met with fans while wearing a glittery mesh face mask.

The singer appeared at Barnes and Noble at The Grove outdoor mall in Los Angeles for a surprise reading and signing of her new poetry book, Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass.

Del Rey, 35, posted a video of herself getting ready for the signing, garnering criticism.

“lana please wear a real mask i’m begging you be safe 😭,” wrote one commenter.

“ur setting urself up at this point we cant defend you 💔💔,” wrote another.

“I love u but pls don’t wear that mask,” a third said.

The mesh mask was the same style she had used recently in her cover shoot with Interview magazine. The mask appeared to be one layer of mesh with no fabric, which does not help stop the spread of COVID-19. Fabric masks help block the transmission of the virus because the tight weave of the material prevents respiratory droplets from spreading when someone talks, coughs or sneezes. A mesh mask lets these droplets pass through because the weave is so large.

It is possible that the mesh mask the singer wore had a clear plastic or sheer fabric lining underneath the mesh. Del Rey has not responded directly to fan’s concerns about the mask.

The “Born To Die” singer’s sister, Caroline “Chuck” Grant, who livestreamed the event, said that Del Rey had tested negative and kept six-feet of social distance from her fans. Pictures posted to social media following the event show that Del Rey took selfies with fans, even posing cheek-to-cheek with some.

Del Rey later posted a video of herself reading poetry in a camo fabric mask. Commenters praised the performer for wearing a “real” mask, but asked her why she didn’t wear one to her event.

“Finally wearing a proper mask ..” the top commenter wrote.

“Why you wearing mask like that when you are alone? What about yesterday 😂😂😂,” another comment said.

Social media users joked about the mesh mask:

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