If you thought Lana Del Rey had peaked, think again: the chamber pop queen is just getting started. Four new Del Rey tracks have been leaked online as the singer-songwriter gets ready to release her 2012 deluxe edition album Born To Die, and luxury car brand Jaguar just named her their new spokesmodel.

Previously unreleased tracks "Afraid," "Big Bad Wolf," "Playing Dangerous" and "Delicious," which debuted online earlier this week, tune in to the same themes of the original album. But they're only four of the seven new tracks that will feature on the Paradise edition set to unveil this fall. The release follows Del Rey's recent performance in June, when she surprised fans with her new track "Body Electric," whose title is inspired in a Walt Whitman novel and Ray Bradbury science-fiction novel, according to The Improper.

Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

Self-dubbed a "gangsta Nancy Sinatra," Del Rey has also been busy modeling for clothing brand H&M, who will post a video of her Bobby Vinton "Blue Velvet" cover on its website on September 19 (and later as a commercial). You'll also see Del Rey's iconic looks plastered on Jaguar ads promoting their new two-seater F-Type, which makes its debut next month at the Paris Motor Show — although the car itself is nowhere to be seen on the images revealed thus far. Wearing a sunhat and prominent gold jewelry, Del Rey poses poolside, channeling the "1960s pop nostalgia" look that made her famous (pictured above).

Check out videos of her leaked songs below:

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