Some fans of Lady Gaga were incensed by an online clip that showed the singer getting hit in the head by a tossed plush toy in the middle of performing her Chromatica Ball concert tour.

Clearly, it was a soft projectile and didn’t cause her harm, but the show is lousy with complicated pyrotechnics, so throwing stuff on the stage can be a legitimate fire hazard.

The clip went viral online with one fan sharing it saying, “this is so dangerous and sad.”

The stuffed toy appeared to be Dr. Simi, who is the mascot of the Mexican pharmacy called Farmacias del Dr. Simi. One tweet highlighted in the replies of the video seems to show the fan who brought the Dr. Simi plushy, showing that it has a note “Mexico still loves you,” written on the white lab coat.

Apparently, Dr. Simi has become a bit of a tradition for Mexican music fans, and plushies of the mascot have been tossed up onstage at shows by other prominent music artists such as Justin Bieber. Here’s a video of Bieber having a Dr. Simi thrown at him and awkwardly nudging it with his foot.

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