On Sunday, Kyle Richards was rushed to a hospital after walking into a beehive in her yard. Richards appeared in films such as The Car in 1977, The Watcher in the Woods in 1980 and the character Lindsey Wallace in the iconic horror slasher film Halloween in 1978, as well as its upcoming sequel Halloween Kills. However, Richards is perhaps best known for her being part of the main cast in the infamous reality television show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Richards joined the cast in 2010 and is the last remaining original cast member from that series now.

Richards revealed the incident on her Instagram. The actress had an allergic reaction to the bee stings. Richards revealed security footage of her accident on her post as well as a photo of her being treated for her many bee stings in the hospital. “So this happened yesterday,” Richards wrote. “I walked into a hive of bees and was stung multiple times. If you know me at all, you know I am allergic to bees and am terrified of them.” The video shows Richards panic as she is swarmed by the bees, running around in circles screaming for help before jumping into her pool fully clothed.

Richards stated that no one who lived with her was around to help her at the time. Dialing 911 and using an EpiPen proved to be useless for the actress as the bee stings became worse. “I can laugh at this video now,” she wrote, “but what you can’t see is that they were in my hair and were literally chasing me. My family wasn’t home and for whatever reason the people that work for me couldn’t hear me screaming for help. My landline wouldn’t dial 911 and my EpiPen was defective and wouldn’t open.”

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