A new type of drug with dangerous health side effects has found its way onto streets in the United States.


Krokodil is an injectable drug that was first popularized in Russia. It is a combination of a fast-acting opiate called desomorphine and either iodine, gasoline, hydrochloric acid or paint thinner. Desomorphine is a powerful derivative of morphine.

The drug is nicknamed the “Zombie apocalypse drug” or the “flesh-eating drug” because it causes damage to the skin and underlying tissues. The skin at the site of injection quickly begins to rot. The name krokodile is Russian for crocodile, and refers to the scaly green appearance that one’s skin can take on from using this drug.

Other side effects are erratic body movements and speech impediment. Regular users of this drug have a reported life expectancy of about two years, with usually permanent health problems along the way.

Other street drugs have come on the scene, many synthetic opioids, that are taking lives. In 2015, the government credits these new drugs with nearly 33,000 fatal overdoses.

The drugs aside from krokodil are bath salts, carfentanil, fentanyl, flakka, gray death and pink.

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