Joan Rivers is claiming that Kristen Stewart plans to sue her for referring to her affair with Snow White and The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders in her book, Diary of a Mad Diva.

Kristen Stewart Suing Joan Rivers?

In Rivers’ book, she writes, “Many stars only do one thing well. Of course, the best one-trick-pony is Kristen Stewart, who got a whole career by being able to juggle a director's balls."

According to Rivers, Stewart’s lawyer contacted her lawyer, threatening to sue if the portion of the book mentioning Stewart isn’t removed.

“I am now being sued by Kristen Stewart,” Rivers told a TMZ cameraman before defending herself and the inflammatory book. “She obviously didn't read our disclaimer, which says it's a comedy book. I can't wait to get her into court because I'm gonna get a puppet and I want her to show me on the puppet where she thinks I claim she touched her director. I am looking forward to it.”

Rivers went on, “Her lawyer contacted my lawyer, which shows the sense of humor she has.” The 81-year-old comic added, “My answer to her was, 'Be glad you're not a Kardashian because they're mentioned a lot more in the book.' I'm a comedian. I've been doing it for 50 years. If people don't get it, then don't come and see me. It's okay. Don't read the book. If you're gonna take it seriously, you're a fool.”

Stewart Reportedly Not Taking Rivers To Court

Despite Rivers' assertion that Stewart’s lawyers are ready to take her to court, reports suggest that the actress won’t be suing her. Suing Rivers would ultimately have a worse effect on Stewart than allowing the mention to remain in Rivers' book. A court battle would only further remind the public of her affair with Sanders, which ultimately led to the ruin of his marriage and her split from fellow Twilight star Robert Pattinson.

“The reason that Kristen backed down from suing Joan Rivers was because she didn’t want people to talk about the Rupert Sanders incident again,” a source told “That was the moment that ruined her relationship with Rob and affected her career, with some people thinking she was and is a homewrecker.”

“She now thinks people have mostly forgotten about that incident. If she went through with suing Joan, it would cause so much unwanted and unneeded media attention, that at the end of the day it was easier to refrain from suing,” the source further explained. “Kristen thought, ‘Why help sell Joan’s book by raising attention to it?’ Kristen thinks the statement Joan made is hurtful and untrue, so to give it extra life would be the bad move.”

Stewart's Career Reboot

Following the last Twilight movie, Stewart took a break from acting, which likely had something to do with the very public incident with Sanders and subsequent split from Pattison. Putting the days of her career-threatening unpopularity behind her, Stewart threw herself into a number of projects, including Clouds of Sils Maria, for which she received rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival.

Sils Maria will be released in the U.S. this coming December. Drama Still Alice with Julianne Moore playing her mother who is dealing with early onset Alzheimer’s and action comedy American Ultra are both slated to hit theaters sometime in 2015.


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