Kristen Stewart and her fiancée Dylan Meyer had a lovely night out at the Hollywood Reporter Nominees Night in Los Angeles, with one shot at the event showing Meyer positively beaming at Stewart as the actress eyes the camera. Stewart has been Oscar-nominated this year for her portrayal of Princess Diana in the film Spencer.

Stewart told Howard Stern that she met Meyer years ago on a film set, but they became romantically involved after meeting again more recently around mid-2019. The couple got engaged in November of last year, and told Stern she wants the ready to be “pretty chill … Like, we’re just gonna stand, do vows, and f––king party after.”

Stewart and Meyer have also formed a creative partnership as well as a romantic one. Meyer is a screenwriter, and she and Stewart have been developing a TV show idea together which Stewart will star in. She described their creative dynamic as being, “Like we discovered a superbrain,” and even told Vanity Fair that they managed to write the show’s pilot in just a week and a half.

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