The Los Angeles Police Department has not released an official statement about the knife that was found on O.J. Simpson‘s property but have said that it not consistent with the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.


NBC News, citing multiple law enforcement sources, reports that the knife is not consistent with the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Goldman.

The knife was found 12 years ago when a constructor worker gave it a police officer who was working on a nearby film set. Forensic tests will still be done to rule out that any connection to the murders that occurred 22 years ago.

Capt. Andrew Neiman said the Los Angeles Police Department became aware of the item within the last month. The site was originally demolished in 1998. Trent Copeland, the attorney of retired officer George Maycott described the weapon as a 5-inch buck knife covered with dirt and mud. He also added that there was no blood found on the knife.

Goldman’s public relations firm, Garson & Wright Public Relations, Inc., released the following statement from Fred and Kim Goldman:

“Until the LAPD completes its investigation of the recovered knife, the validity of the knife as it relates to Ron and Nicole’s murder is purely speculative. It is not a shock to our family that stories like this are making headlines again. Being a victim/survivor is an ongoing process for all those impacted. We cannot validate every claim with a discussion, as it only creates more unnecessary hype and encourages the media circus.”


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