Former Growing Pains and Like Father Like Son star Kirk Cameron, 41, now better known for his evangelical beliefs and conservative activism, appeared on CNN on Tuesday to defend the recent comments of GOP Representative from Missouri and Senate hopeful Todd Akin, 65.

Cameron was jumping to Akin's defense about a comment he made maintaining that "women who are victims of 'legitimate rape' rarely get pregnant" due to supposed biological defenses that exist the female body — a position that has no basis in medical fact.

Akin's claim was part of his anti-abortion stance and has since been slammed by President Barack Obama, who said, "rape is rape," and Mitt Romney, who called the statement "indefensible," according to ABC News.

Akin still has some defenders, however, and Cameron wants to make sure that everyone knows it. "He's clearly a pro-life advocate, and for that, I respect him," Cameron said. "He said that he misspoke and that he mis-phrased something and that he apologized. I’m the kind of person that believes that I would like to be evaluated by my entire career and my entire life, not two words that I would misspeak and then later apologize for,” Cameron said. “So he’s in a tough spot.”

Cameron is hitting the media circuit to promote his new documentary, Monumental, now out on DVD.

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