Kim Zolciak, the breakout star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, is feeling pumped about her new club hit "Tardy For the Party," remixed by superstar DJ Tracy Young. She’s also feeling pleased with her most formidable asset – her cleavage. "I’m a good looking girl, are you joking? [laughs]," Zolciak tells exclusively. "That’s been the whole signature, my kahunas are for sure part of the gig."

So what do the other Houswives think of her success? "As if I care? Um, I mean I’m sure they’re jealous, like, who wouldn’t be because they all thought that I couldn’t do nothing, and God works in mysterious ways," Zolciak says. "[Housewife] Kandi is so happy for me, and I am really happy because Kandi, in essence, took a risk. As far as the other Housewives, I mean, who cares? I mean Nene’s book didn’t sell, I mean it sold a tenth of what my song has." –ERIK MEERS

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