Kim Zolciak-Biermann shared a nearly nude picture of her husband Troy Biermann on Snapchat, much to her daughter Brielle Biermann‘s dismay.

Kim Zociak Snapchat

Zolciak took to her Snapchat earlier this week with a picture of pro football player Biermann brushing his teeth while naked. “My baby! Don’t you wish, beyotches,” she captioned the snap.

Troy Biermann

Troy Biermann (Credit: Snapchat/Kim Zolciak Biermann)

Perhaps unknowingly, Zolciak sent the Snapchat to her daughter Brielle, who immediately commented to share her disgust with getting a picture of her stepdad in the buff. “Dude what the f–k delete this bulls–t,” Brielle wrote.

Amused by her daughter’s reaction, Zolciak shared it on Snapchat, captioning the snap, “I can’t stop laughing.”

Credit: Snapchat/Kim Zolciak Biermann

Credit: Snapchat/Kim Zolciak Biermann

Before Zolciak’s racy Snapchat post, she and Biermann became the subject of divorce rumors. Zolciak’s reaction – which happened to be posted on Snapchat – was more than a little contemptuous towards the press.

“These f–king idiots that write this s–t in the tabloids all for clicks on your website,” Zolciak wrote. “You say that Kroy and I are at war because he’s home with me so much. News flash, a–holes, he’s played for the Falcons for 8 years, so he’s always been f–king home.”

Biermann, who was dropped by the Atlanta Falcons and then cut by the Buffalo Bills, is in search of a new NFL team.

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