Being a single mom of four, it’s no surprise that billionaire Kim Kardashian is willing to do, and spend, whatever it takes to keep her kids out of her hair.

This has resulted in her purchasing “Lil Hidden Hills,” a $70,000 playhouse village, for her daughter North West with ex Kanye West.


Within “Lil Hidden Hills” is a fake guard tower at the entrance, a pink KKW Beauty shop, a 50s-themed dinner, a flower shop, a grocery store, a Starbucks, an ATM, and a pair of two-story cottages. Completing the little village is a Lego castle and cupcake-inspired castle.

Lilliput Play Homes designed the village with prices ranging from $590 to $18,000 per set. The 50s-themed diner itself has a hefty price tag of $9,000.

Some critics were outraged by the price and scale of the village while others were impressed by the quality.

While it does seem extravagant to the point of excess, you can’t deny any kid would love to have playhouses in their backyards.

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