Khloe Kardashian has faced a lot of backlash after her ex, NBA star Tristan Thompson, cheated on her multiple times while she was pregnant with her child. She forgave the serial cheater, but the public has not.

Thompson allegedly has ignored his one-year-old son, Theo, after a one-night stand in a hotel. The father of two has a child with another woman besides Kardashian.

After Kardashian shared a birthday post for Thompson calling him “the best father,” it prompted backlash from fans.

“Good father? What about little Theo?” prompted one fan.


Thompson’s relationship with Theo has been kept strictly out of the media, and fans are wondering if they have a relationship at all.

Fans criticized the post and its author for being out of touch and willfully ignorant of Theo, though Theo’s mother does not seem to share their sentiments.

Theo’s mother, Maralee Nichols, posted a photo of her cuddling her little boy on Instagram.

Other fans called Kardashian “crazy” and “clueless.”

Kardashian and Thompson were able to reconcile after the first cheating allegation in 2018, but after the news broke about him fathering a child with Nichols in 2021, they have since broken up.

Kardashian’s family has recently become concerned about the reality star’s dramatic weight loss.

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