Kevin Spacey now has to pony up over $31 million to his former bosses at House Of Cards after he was fired from the series when multiple allegations of sexual misconduct were made against him.

Judge Mel Red Recanda had already ruled in favor of MRC, the company that produced House Of Cards, late last year. This Thursday, she rejected Spacey’s attempt to worm out of paying the $31 million judgment.

MRC argued that Spacey’s sexual abuse violated their harassment policy, and by having to remove him from the series they lost out on a significant amount of potential profits

He is also facing a lawsuit filed against him by the actor Anthony Rapp, who was the first person to publicly accuse Spacey of sexually molesting him when he was 14 years old. He is also going to be on trial in the U.K. for other sexual harassment charges he recently pled not guilty to.

Despite these ongoing legal situations around sexually abusive behavior, Spacey seems to be attempting to make an acting comeback. He had a co-starring role in the film The Man Who Drew God which released last year.

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