Sometimes life truly does imitate art. Kevin Costner, 57, who starred as Whitney Houston's bodyguard almost 20 years ago, is stepping up to the plate to speak at her funeral on Saturday in New Jersey.

The Bodyguard costars have been friends since the 1992 film, for which Houston sang a cover of "I Will Always Love You," originally written and performed by Dolly Parton. Now Costner will say a few words when the legendary singer is finally laid to rest, a source told People.

Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder will also be in attendance to perform at the invitation-only service, and record producer Clive Davis, who signed Houston at the very beginning of her career, will also say a few words.

"Clive has been a complete rock for her family this entire time," the source said. "He's been with her since the beginning, and he's been everything to them. They're leaning on him for emotional support. He talks to them hourly, and he's a very big part in planning her funeral."

It is a difficult time for those who were close to Houston. "Whitney's family is devastated, but they're getting through it," said the source.

The service will be an small affair, held Saturday at noon in Newark, New Jersey, at the church where Houston used to sing in the choir.

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