A man was arrested and charged with stalking actress Keira Knightley outside the Comedy Theatre in London on Thursday, where she’s appearing in The Misanthrope. He is the sixth man in recent years who has been charged with stalking the Atonement actress. Mariek Daniluk, 41, from Poland, has allegedly been bombarding Knightley with unwanted gifts and letters, one of which included “inappropriate content."

Daniluk appeared in court on Saturday for “conduct that amounted to the harassment of Keira Knightley” and pleaded not guilty. He is set to face trial in June. Knightley left Britain for the U.S. two years ago because of previous stalking incidents. "I’ve no way of knowing if they could be potential rapists. I’m frightened every time I see one of them," she previously said of her stalkers. –MANDY COHEN in London

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