Katy Perry released a wild music video for her eighth number one single “Roar” and premiered the cover art for her upcoming album Prism on Good Morning America.

The video, titled, “Roar: A Motion Theory Adventure Filmed In Junclescope,” features Perry crash landing on a tropical island and going from a scared and helpless victim to queen of the jungle. Perry comes face-to-face with a tiger, an elephant and a monkey in the jungle-themed video. Perry, who is known for her colorful and, sometimes, crazy outfits, appears tamed down in the "Roar" music video. The popstar wears natural makeup and keeps her wild, sexy outfits toned down – no whip crème shooting bras this time, just a leopard print bustier and grass skirt.

Perry talked about the video during her Friday appearance on Good Morning America. She revealed that the elephant, Suzy, had a lot of fun eating all the wild plants on set, a behind-the-scenes tidbits she also shared on twitter.