An official court deposition was revealed on Monday where singer Katy Perry denied a rumor that music producer Dr. Luke had raped her. The deposition is part of an ongoing lawsuit between Dr. Luke and singer Kesha. The two have been embroiled in a legal battle since 2014 when Kesha sued Dr. Luke (Lukasz Gottwald) for drugging and raping her, as well as for emotionally abusing her for a decade. Dr. Luke responded with a counter suit against Kesha for defamation and breach of contract. Perry became involved in the case in June, when court documents revealed a leaked text message exchange between Kesha and Lady Gaga where they discussed a rumor that Perry had also been raped by Dr. Luke.


Lady Gaga has been actively showing her support for Kesha since she went public in her lawsuit against Dr. Luke. In a text message exchange from 2016, Kesha and Lady Gaga discussed a rumor they had heard from Interscope CEO John Janick. Janick had speculated that Perry had also been raped by Dr. Luke. On July 21, 2017 Perry denied these allegations, stating that Dr. Luke had never sexually assaulted or drugged her and that they never had a romantic or sexual relationship. Perry also said that she did not know Janick personally and had never told him such information. Janick had speen speaking on hearsay. When it was announced that Perry’s court documents would become public, the singer’s attorneys fought to keep the deposition sealed, insisting that Perry did not want to be subject to gossip that has nothing to do with her.

Dr. Luke’s legal team had accused Kesha of circulating the rumor that he had raped Perry. They claimed that this was part of a ploy by Kesha to destroy Dr. Luke’s career. They released a statement on Monday: “Katy Perry testified under oath in this case that Dr. Luke never raped her. Regardless, Kesha refused to apologize. Instead, she issued a press release which again irresponsibly suggested that Katy Perry was actually raped by Dr. Luke. It seems that Kesha wanted to perpetuate the falsehood that Dr. Luke raped Katy Perry,”

In response, Kesha’s attorneys released a statement denying that the singer had made such claims. “But, to be clear, Dr. Luke is suing Kesha based on a private, one-on-one text message that Kesha sent Lady Gaga in 2016, shortly after Interscope CEO John Janick told Kesha and Lady Gaga he’d heard a rumor that Dr. Luke had also abused Katy Perry. Mr. Janick’s statement was discussed privately between the two friends and would never have become public, except that Dr. Luke decided to publish it to millions of people in his 2017 complaint against Kesha. This defamation claim, based on a private text message which was based on the statement of a third party, is also frivolous.”

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Dr. Luke has denying the accusations that he raped Kesha since the beginning of the lawsuit. He stated that they never had a romantic or sexual relationship and that he never assaulted her. The producer claims that Kesha is seeking revenge for a contract disagreement and is trying to destroy his reputation to get her way. Kesha has dropped the assault and battery charges against her former mentor, but is still fighting to be let out of her contract with the man who allegedly abused her.

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